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Important Documentation And Information


One advantage of investing through managed funds is the protection afforded to investors. Legislation dictates, among other things, the documentation that must be made available to prospective investors.

The investment statement is the most important of these documents, setting out in plain English the essentials of the investment. Most investment options are required to issue an investment statement. The contents are pre-determined, including information on charges, risks, and the other information available. The regulation and standardisation of these documents makes it easier to compare various investment options.

The investment statement must be given to you before you sign up for the investment.
It's important to notice that when you sign up for an investment, you'll sign a clause stating that you've read the investment statement. Please ensure that you do read it, and ask for assistance with anything you don't fully understand.

Other documents you're entitled to ask for include

  • The registered prospectus,
  • The most recently audited financial statements,The trust deed (for unit trusts and superannuation funds) - a charge may apply, and
  • The most recent annual report.