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January 02 newsletter

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing festive break and are now ready and motivated for some big financial achievements in 2002.

Next month we will continue our series of articles on the secrets of wealth. But in this month's newsletter we want to focus on the annual hangover. That's right, the credit card bills that should just be starting to flow through the letter box.

Today we have launched a topic covering credit cards. The new pages include information about credit and charge card providers, what are some of the "extra options" and of course some tips on how to avoid the credit card spending "hangover".

Outstanding credit card debt in New Zealand is something over 3,000 million dollars. In addition to accounts fees, the interest payments on that outstanding debt amounts to approximately $420 million each year. A well deserved bonus for the credit card companies.

If you need a little motivation in paying off your credit card debt we have developed a credit card calculator to help you work out your share of that interest bill.

Next month we will be back with our series of articles on the secrets of wealth. See you then.