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January 04 newsletter

The excitement of the new tertiary year is always restrained by the need to pay for it.

This month we have added the new topic of student loans to the site.

Beginning your career with a student debt the size of the average mortgage (or car loan, at the very least) is a good reason to start using a money management system.

Budgeting and controlling your money while in tertiary education will help keep costs and debt down. You'll also gain some traction, in learning at a relatively young age the importance of planning for your future. While retirement seems like a hundred years away, it's really just around the financial corner.

This new topic will help direct you to some useful money management information. Also we look at what parents can do and of course, it wouldn't be a useful web topic without providing a bunch of useful links to the other web resources that are out there to help you.

Other thoughts this month:

Start saving for next Christmas with Christmas club vouchers from your local supermarket - paying $4.65 for a $5.00 voucher is not a bad investment.