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July 04 newsletter - Editor’s Note – the Shape of Money stopped providing financial advice in April 07

This month, we are pleased to announce that the Shape of Money has moved into new territory with the launch of its financial planning business.

Comprehensive financial plans do require face-to-face work so, unfortunately, at this stage we are only offering full financial planning services to residents in the greater Wellington region.

However, we are marketing risk management products, including life, health, trauma and income protection insurances, nationwide. This service is absolutely free of charge - commission is paid to the Shape of Money by the insurance provider. With something like 25 income protection policies (and many variants thereof) alone, we are busy developing research to supplement that which we purchase from third parties.

You can expect to see a new design for the site over the coming months. In addition, through our ability to leverage off the financial planning aspect of the business, we will be providing more in-depth, focused information and tools. For example, with a large number of companies currently offering debenture investments, we want to upgrade our information in this area, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

Rest assured, the Shape of Money website will continue to offer free, independent and comprehensive personal financial information.

We do appreciate your support to date, and hope that the site will continue to be a valuable resource in meeting your personal financial needs.