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April 02 newsletter

Now that we've passed the end of the 2001/02 tax year, it's a good time to think about whether or not you can claim a tax rebate. According to the website of the Inland "whose job it once was to be fair" Revenue, "There are three types of income tax rebates, which you claim in your tax return or Personal Tax Summary: income under $9,880 rebate, income under $38,000 rebate and child rebate.
Regardless of your income level, you can also make a separate rebate claim on an IR 526 form if you: made a donation of $5 or more to an approved charity, or paid for childcare or a housekeeper."
Good luck getting some cash back.

This month, we also continue our series of articles on the secrets of wealth.

Over recent months, we've completed work on the first secret: planning. Now, armed with our plans, we're ready to do battle with the forces that have kept us from achieving our financial dreams and aspirations in the past.

It's very important to realise that your convictions and desires to succeed are governed as much by your own internal thinking as they are by the level of your income or other physical constraints.
Therefore, it's not just the practical measures - such as building our plan - that are important, but also the way we tune our thinking machine and imagination.

The second secret of wealth is to tune our thinking machines.

Think of a sport such as darts. It probably conjures up images of beer bellied Poms. The reality, though, is that there's nothing between the top competitors in that sport. On any given day, they'll all make three treble twenties with three darts. The winners win, not with better technique, but with better mental application.

Reaching your financial goals involves changing the way you think. Your spending and savings patterns are a result of behaviour learned over a lifetime. And, as such, they are powerful mental constraints you need to remove or remold. The good news is, that, in turn, you can harness that huge power and use it to your own benefit.

They say that changing a habit takes 28 days. Be warned, therefore, that applying the simple techniques we'll discuss over the coming months will take time to effect positive results. But the explosive growth and success you'll achieve will be well worth the wait and effort.

Internal thinking machine tip 1: Tell family and friends about your goals. Articulating your goals will not only convince others of your desire to succeed but, more importantly, will also convince you and your subconscious.

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